What We Do

Our purpose is to help the people of Southern Sudan achieve progress towards long-term education, clean water and medical needs.

We have secured several plots of land located in: Renk, Wau, Wadacona, Malakal and Munuki. These sites will act as a hub and deliver integrated services that bring about positive change throughout each of the community centres.

Each hub will act as a launching pad to serve the surrounding community and ensure that our three mandates will harmonize and promote better living in affected areas.


Kush is focused on helping children, students and adults through initiatives like early childhood education, blacksmith and sewing classes, microeconomic and health education. Learn more on how Kush is helping improve long-term education.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Under this important mandate, Kush has identified several important initiatives that will help facilitate this need. Having clean water in Canada is a luxury and even though the world is made up of 80% water only 10% is drinkable. It doesn't have to be this way. Learn more on how Kush is helping the people of Southern Sudan access clean water.


This program works with marginalized groups, especially women and children, to build primary health units that will localize communities. By identifying the most pressing health needs, Kush can provide assistance on the management of health interventions, such as immunization, malaria control and nutrition. See how we are improving lives in Southern Sudan.

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KUSH strives to help the people of Southern Sudan by building healthy communities that are self-sufficient in three areas:

1. Improved education

2. Accessible Health Care

3. Clean Drinking Water