Kush International Development Services

Welcome to Kush International Development Services (Kush) and on behalf of the Board and it's members, thank you. We are a Canadian Charitable organization dedicated to helping the people of Southern Sudan.

Our love for this region stems from that fact that we are proud Canadian Citizens who are thankful for the opportunities and liberties we have in Canada. For these reasons, we are compelled and committed to helping Southern Sudan become a better place.

For 22 years, the internal conflicts in Southern Sudan have taken a heavy toll on the lives of its people. Thousands of lives have been lost, individuals and families have been displaced and communities destroyed.

Thankfully, a bright future lies ahead; on January 30th, 2011 .the people of Southern Sudan voted 99.6% in favour of independence from Sudan. It is expected that a formal declaration of independence will be made on July 9th, 2011.

Our charitable programs are aimed at being relevant and responsive to the needs of the local community. Kush comprehensive and charitable-wide approach includes a combination of education, humanitarian and medical building efforts to prepare Southern Sudan for sustainable development.

To ensure this integrated approach brings about positive change, Kush will be working closely with other charities and Canadian Corporations to enhance stability efforts for the success of this long term project. Through these initiatives, we ensure that the people of Southern Sudan are afforded the basic necessities of life. Together, we can build a brighter future for the people of Southern Sudan.

KUSH was a great civilization south of Egypt, between 1700 BC and 1500 BC

KUSH strives to help the people of Southern Sudan by building healthy communities that are self-sufficient in three areas:

1. Improved education

2. Accessible Health Care

3. Clean Drinking Water