Kush International Development Services

Welcome to Kush International Development Services (Kush) and on behalf of the board and its members, thank you.

Our charitable programs are aimed at being relevant and responsive to the needs of the local community. Kush comprehensive and charitable-wide approach includes a combination of education, humanitarian and medical building efforts to prepare the Republic of South Sudan for sustainable development.

Children and youth, including maternal, newborn and child health Kush focuses on increasing access to integrated basic services, such as education and health services, for at-risk older children and youth where needs are greatest, in a conflict-sensitive manner.

Key anticipated results
• Increased basic health care access for returnees.
• Vaccinated women of child-bearing age and children.
• More women and newborns benefitted from emergency obstetric services.
• Provided first-time access to formal and non-formal basic education.

Food security
Kush provides vulnerable households with a way to generate income by providing employment skills that lead to improved food production and increased market access for agricultural products and livestock.

Key anticipated results
• Improved livelihoods and provided better access to markets for more individuals.
• Improved agricultural production, including access to seeds and tools, for more households.
• Graduated more women from farm and off-farm livelihoods training. Established community-based savings groups aimed at increasing income.

Please contact us and learn more or to get involved:
phone (905) 417-4171
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